Job Postings

Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)/Audiologist Positions:

No job openings currently posted on our site. Please check back soon for updates.


Procedures for Posting Job Opportunities

NDSLHA allows organizations to post their current job opportunities on our website.  The cost is $100 for 30 days posted on the website.

The following are the procedures that will be taken to get the job opportunity loaded on the website.

  • Contact Brittany Hernandez, Executive Secretary, at  with an electronic job description and the billing information.  (i.e., Agency name, billing address).
  • Brittany will forward the Job description to our Publicity Coordinator and who will post the position on the website with the 1st day the job was posted.
  • Brittany will mail the bill to the organization. 
PDF of steps for posting jobs on NDSLHA website