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MSU Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

Improvements to the Assessment System

A number of refinements have been made to the TEU Assessment System itself as data has been reviewed. These refinements are illustrated in more detail in exhibit documents. Through meetings with TEHP faculty, M.Ed. Committee, Program Coordinators, the P&P Assessment Sub-committee, P&P and Stakeholders during 2005-06, the following fine-tuning and professional development have occurred:

Other changes have come about due to changes in state or national standards. For example, ELED 361 Observation and Assessment in Early Childhood was added to the Kindergarten Endorsement sequence in response to changes in licensing requirements, and the mathematics program has been considering changing its technology requirement to include more specific to content applications in alignment with NCTM expectations for technology use. One major consideration planned for next year will be to focus the key assessments, as the system currently collects more assessments in some areas than may be necessary to assure comprehensive preparation. The P&P Committee has also indicated a desire to revisit the MSU Dispositions in light of the dispositional factors included in the INTASC Standards and new research in that area.

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