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MSU Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

Examples of Program Improvements

The TEU Assessment System has provided valuable information to TEU faculty and stakeholders. As noted in the section on the Development of the Assessment System, the current Education Core was revised on the basis of data review and stakeholder feedback to include more extensive coursework in student assessment and classroom management for all candidates, elementary, secondary, and K-12. A parallel change was made in the M.Ed. Core, with the replacement of ED 520 Supervision and Mentoring by ED 522 Curriculum Design and Assessment. As the n of PPST testing data has grown, it became evident that some candidates needed additional assistance in improving the writing skills required for the state test. Language arts faculty have provided focused assistance to candidates as needed, in addition to that available through the general MSU student development programs. Review of the data related to the Teacher Education Core during the past two years has shown the Core to be strengthened by the prior changes, but also revealed a need for more concrete connections between the child development and educational psychology knowledge base and practices in classroom situations. This resulted in the piloting and selection of a new textbook for ED 260 that includes more case study applications. Changes made to specific content-area majors are documented through those respective program Assessment Reports, which are available in the exhibits. Improvement in the quality of data collected on undergraduate Dispositions this year revealed a need for more direct review of dispositional factors for graduate candidates as well. Currently under consideration is the possibility of aligning required graduate philosophy statements and recommendation forms more specifically with our TEU Dispositions and a similar process for inappropriate dispositions reporting.

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