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MSU Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

Access to Data

In addition to the formal processes for reviewing data noted earlier, advisors and candidates may review rubric scores online at any time, as these scores are posted each semester. Candidates and advisors are encouraged to use this data, along with other information to reflect on progress through the program. Teacher Education places a departmental hold on Elementary Education candidate registration each semester to assure meetings with advisors occur, since the size of that major requires careful planning to execute in four years. Secondary and K-12 majors meet with advisors in their content areas. Candidate and program data are regularly reflected upon at departmental meetings, P&P Assessment Sub-committee meetings, and campus-wide fall and spring Assessment Days. Program Assessment Reports include columns on criteria, data related to those criteria, and improvement action steps. An Executive Summary of the Assessment Report was designed in 2005 to provide programs with a one-page summary of their candidate’s data compared to all TEU candidates.

Faculty and their Chairs receive quantitative and narrative MSU student evaluations on the courses they teach. Student course evaluations, along with advisee feedback and feedback from student teachers supervised is considered in faculty evaluations of teaching. CEHS faculty evaluation forms are completed first as a reflective self-evaluation and include rankings and comments on teaching (including professional development efforts in content and pedagogy as well as student feedback on courses, advising, and supervision of field placements), scholarship and service. The faculty self-evaluation information is then commented upon and discussed with the Chair, and subsequently reviewed by the Dean and VPAA. This process feeds into recommendations for reappointment, promotion and tenure. The Chair and Dean reflect upon these evaluations and other program data when considering faculty teaching assignments and professional development recommendations. Faculty qualifications for graduate teaching status are reviewed regularly and records maintained by the Graduate Council.

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