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MSU Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

Additional Reflection on the Assessment System

In addition to review of assessment reports at the TEU Stakeholders’, TEHP and P&P meetings noted earlier, the TEU takes part in spring and fall MSU campus-wide Assessment Days. Data from assessment reports, feedback from stakeholders, and information from NCATE and the state are analyzed during faculty work time and goals set for program improvements. Faculty evaluations, including feedback from candidates, are considered upon by the Chairs and Deans as subsequent teaching assignments and strategies for ongoing professional development are made. Candidates, as of Fall 2005, have access to review their accumulating rubric scores and other assessment data directly online at any time in addition to the feedback they receive in courses and through advisors. During the spring MSU Assessment Day on April 4, 2006, a special session was held for candidates, demonstrating on-screen how to access their scores related to the INTASC Standards and Dispositions. That session included an interactive discussion of the meaning of the INTASC Standards and Dispositions with three Minot Public Schools administrators involved in the hiring of teachers. Reactions to the session showed a strong reinforcement of the importance of these criteria as ‘real-world’ job skills.

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