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MSU Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

Duties and Working Procedures of Teacher Education Administrative Council

TEAC serves as the review and approval body for TEU. The members of TEAC approve students for admission to Teacher Education, and serve as the appeal board for students who seek waivers for admission or retention requirements. This body seeks input from and reviews and approves or rejects recommendations for program requirements and policy changes brought forward by the Program and Policy Committee. TEAC also approves program and curriculum changes from all Teacher Education programs, initial and advanced. TEAC meets at least twice each semester for the above purposes. Graduate programs admit students in accordance with the Graduate School Policies and with approval of the program chair.

TEAC's membership includes the Dean of EHS, the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the Dean of Business, the Dean of the Graduate School, the Chair of the Department of Teacher Education and Human Performance, and the Chair of the Department of Communication Disorders and Special Education. Any of these members may designate a representative to stand in their stead.

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