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MSU Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

Minot State University "Teacher Education Unit"

Teacher Education Mission
"To provide opportunities for candidates to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors that will allow them to deliver optimum learning experiences for diverse pupils in changing classroom environments."

Teacher Education at Minot State University, in its graduate and undergraduate programs, prepares teachers who will be reflective decision-makers. Decision-making builds from a knowledge base. From that base, teachers are able to draw conclusions, make inferences, internalize concepts, and act.

The Teacher Education Unit (TEU) develops and monitors requirements and policies in support of the theme "Teacher as a Reflective Decision-Maker, and conceptual model, ARK: Action, Reflection, Knowledge, for Teacher Education programs across the university. Minot State University provides a teacher education program that meets NCATE, state, and other appropriate university and program accreditation requirements.

Organization of the Teacher Education Unit
The Teacher Education Unit (TEU) is not an academic department or division as such. Rather, it is comprised of Teacher Education faculty and administrators from the College of Education and Health Sciences, the College of Business, and the College of Arts and Sciences. The Teacher Education faculty serve the Unit in their capacities as teacher educators while they are officially housed in the departments and divisions across the campus that deliver course work and programs in elementary or secondary education. All Teacher Education programs lead to the Bachelor of Science in Education degree (BSE) or an advanced degree in a school related program

The Dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences serves as the unit head of TEU. The following chart delineates the flow of responsibility in TEU:

Chart delineates the flow of responsibility in TEU

The Dean has responsibility for the development and approval of policies and procedures through two representative bodies, the Teacher Education Administrative Council (TEAC) and the Program and Policy Committee (P&P). TEAC is the approval-granting body and the P&P Committee is the recommendation making "think tank" for TEU.

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