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MSU Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

Mission Statements

Mission of the North Dakota University System
Minot State University supports the goals of the North Dakota University System as established by a Roundtable of individuals from government, education, and the private sector. This Roundtable established Six Cornerstones that are to guide the state in its attempt utilize the resources of Higher Education to meet the challenges facing the citizens of North Dakota and to enhance the economic vitality of North Dakota and the quality of life of its citizens through a high-quality, more responsive, equitable, flexible, accessible, entrepreneurial, and accountable university system. Cornerstones: 1. Economic Development Connection, 2. Education Excellence, 3. Flexible and Responsive System, 4. Accessible System, 5. Funding and Rewards, 6. Sustaining the Vision

Mission of Minot State University
"Minot State University advances knowledge, critical and creative thinking, and the vitality of community and cultures."

The mission of Minot State University flows from the mission of the North Dakota University System (NDUS). The University’s mission emphasizes educational excellence and creative thinking. A set of core values and a statement of beliefs support the University’s mission.

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