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MSU Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

Introduction to Minot State University

Minot State University is a state-supported Carnegie Master's 1 university located in Minot, a city of approximately 36,500 in the north central region of North Dakota. Nestled in the wooded, winding valley of the Souris River, 'Magic' Minot is the center of a rich agricultural region. Having grown 'like magic' when the Great Northern Railroad chose this unique location, Minot gives the appearance of a much larger community, enhanced by approximately 12,000 residents of Minot Air Force Base located 12 miles north of the city.

Since its founding, Minot State University has evolved steadily in fulfilling its commitment to serve North Dakota and to create opportunities for its citizens. Today the university offers 50 undergraduate programs in liberal arts and the professions, and graduate education in 10 master's programs and one specialist program to a student population of about 3800.

Originally established in 1913 as Minot Normal School devoted to preparing teachers for service in the prairie schools of northwestern North Dakota, the institution soon expanded its offerings in response to the needs of the region, a pattern that has been repeated many times in Minot State's subsequent history. Short-term training programs led to the first two-year Standard Teaching Certificate in 1915. Over the years those who governed the institution recognized the need to add to teacher preparation programs with new programs in the fine arts, the liberal arts, the sciences, and professional fields. In 1924 the state of North Dakota authorized the Normal School to expand to a four-year program and to grant a Bachelor of Arts degree in education. The school's name was changed to Minot State Teachers College to reflect this new mission. Later, programs in special education, speech pathology, business, and nursing were added. In 1964 the school's name was changed to Minot State College and its mission expanded further to include graduate education at the master's level. The Teacher Education program was first accredited by NCATE in the same year. In 1987 the institution's name was changed to Minot State University and today the university offers master's degrees in Business, Criminal-Justice (also joint PhD with UND), Elementary Education, Business Education, Early Childhood Special-Education, Education of the Deaf, English, Learning Disabilities, Management, Mathematics, Music, Science, Severe Multiple Handicaps, and Speech-Language Pathology, plus an Educational Specialist degree in School Psychology.

Minot Campus Today
Minot State's official enrollment for the fall of 2005 was 3798. 3165 students came from North Dakota, 592 were either military personnel or military dependents. There were 633 non-resident students from 44 states and 20 different countries. 122 students were Native American and there were 225 Canadian students from five provinces.

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