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MSU Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

North Dakota Program Area Reports

Prepared for the
North Dakota Education Standards & Practices Board
Minot State University
Minot, North Dakota
March 2004

Table of Contents

BSE Program Completers 1995-Present
Graduate Program Completers 1995-Present

Bachelor of Science in Education Programs
BSE in Art
BSE in Business Education
BSE in Communication Arts
BSE in Communication Arts - Speech
BSE in Elementary Education
BSE in English
BSE in Education of the Deaf
BSE in Mental Retardation
BSE in Foreign Language - French
BSE in Foreign Language - German
BSE in Foreign Language - Spanish
BSE in Mathematics
BSE in Music
BSE in Physical Education
BSE in Biology
BSE in Chemistry
BSE in Earth Science
BSE in Physical Science - Option 1
BSE in Physical Science - Option 2
BSE in Physics
BSE in History
BSE in Psychology
BSE in Social Science
BSE in Communication Disorders

Undergraduate Endorsements
Middle School

Advanced Programs for Teachers & Other School Personnel
Master of Education Core
M.Ed. Business Education
M.Ed. Special Education
M.Ed. English
M.Ed. Gifted Education
M.Ed. Elementary Education
M.Ed. Elementary Mathematics
Master of Arts in Teaching: Mathematics
Master of Music Education
Master of Arts in Teaching: Science
Master of Science in Special Education
Education Specialist: School Psychology
Master of Science: Communication Disorders