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MSU Teacher Education Unit (TEU)

NCATE Institutional Report Errors

Page 19
Disposition 2. should read Caring/Sensitive

Page 31
Section 1.4.3 Initial Programs
Candidates will have the opportunity to review the assessments of their..

Page 50
Top line, University supervisors visit each candidate and make at least three visits . . .

Page 59
Third line down, Candidates are required to assess

Page 65
Third line, SS 283-Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in America

Page 69
Section 5.1.2 last sentence in paragraph, Over 90% of Faculty teaching the required courses have P-12 teaching experience and together have a total of over 466 years of classroom experience.

Page 70
Section 5.1.3 A recent survey of Teacher Education faculty provided the following data: In the last five years over 266 publications were created, well over 385 presentations were made, and . . .

Page 74
Section 5.3.1 same as the error on page 70 above

Page 80
Section 6.1.1, Last sentence of the paragraph. "Flow charts illustrating Unit organization can be found on pages 6 and 9.

Page 98
This chart has several errors in terms of assignments and years of P-12 classroom experience. The correct chart is found on the CD version and a hard copy is attached.