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Cerambycidae of North Dakota Errata Updates

Please make these corrections on the appropriate pages. Since this guide is being printed in small runs as needed, errors are being removed at each printing. Later guides may have corrections already in place.

Page 31: Spelling should be Trigonarthris, not Trigonarthis Error Fixed Aug 2006

Page 36: last paragraph, spelling should be Psyrassa, not Pyrassa. Error Fixed Aug 2006

Page 55: Some initial printings will have an image of Neoclytus approximatus instead of N. acuminatus. N approximatus was not previously known from North Dakota, but the author collected four specimens from the Garrison area in 2004. The habitus image was inadvertantly switched during page layout. Below are the two species side by side for comparison:

Neoclytus approximatus

Neoclytus acuminatus

Page 72: Last paragraph, spelling should be Pogonocherus, not Pogoncherus. Error fixed Aug 2006

Page 90,92,93,94,95,97: Change Subfamily to Lamiinae. This was an error during page duplication for consistant formatting. This error was fixed Dec, 2005

Page 62: Ward County should be marked in distribution map

Page 98: Ward County should be marked in distribution map