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CMSC Museum

Guy A. Hanley, Assistant Professor

Cyril Moore Science Center
Office: 129 CMSC (701) 858-3076

B.A., Geology, Art, Minot State University, 1994
M.A., Museum Science, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1997

Guy Hanley, assistant professor / curator of collections, specializes in scientific collections curation and management. Besides caring for the numerous collections held by the CMSC, he also develops all exhibits in the CMSC museum, provides technical support for the Division of Science, and teaches in the geology department.

Guy's research projects include faunal studies of Great Plains and South American Coleoptera, skeletal preparation methods, and digital imaging techniques for use in scientific publication. Guy worked extensively with Dr. Ron Royer, providing all prepared butterfly specimen images in digital format for the second edition of the "Butterflies of North Dakota." and has authored two science monographs for the Division of Science titled "Cerambycidae of North Dakota", and the "Carrion beetles of North Dakota" Cerambycid beetles are commonly known as "longhorn" beetles because of their greatly elongated antennae, and are of economic importance because of their association with forests and the lumber industry. Guy's research discovered nine new state species records and multiple new county distribution records. Carrion beetles in the family Silphidae aid in the processing of animal carcasses back into raw environmental materials. The guide includes identification keys for the entire North American silphid beetle fauna. Updated ND cerambycid distribution maps can be found here.

Other active projects include faunal studies of arthropods associated with small mammal burrows, revisions of North and South American beetle species, acting as the local investigator for the national Emerald Ash Borer survey, and conducting studies of invasive xylophagus insects in cooperation with the Minot Forestry Department.

Guy's teaching experience includes environmental geology and physical geology labs, entomology, and numerous presentations to other campus classes. Guy has served on the North Central Science Olympiad planning committee, is a founding member of AUGITE, the Minot State geology club, and currently serves on the City of Minot Minot Forestry Board.

Publications, Presentations and Research:

McPeak, R.H., G. Hanley 2014. Did the Missoula floods of the Pleistocene affect speciation and distribution of Pacific Northwest Stenotothorax, a genus of flightless winter-active aphodiine beetles? SOLA Scarab Workers Organized Meeting, Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting, Now 16-19. Portland OR.

Hanley, G.A., R. McPeak, 2014. The scarabs of San Diego County, California: A poster illustrating all currently known species. SysEB Poster Session. Entomological Society of America Annual Meeting, Now 16-19. Portland OR.

McPeak, R.H, P. Lago, G. Hanley. 2014. The Scarabaeoid Beetles of San Diego County, California Part II, Diagnosis of Families Lucanidae and Scarabaeidae (Subfamilies Aphodiinae and Scarabaeinae) with comments on Part I. Proceedings of the San Diego Society of Natural History #44, May 31. 39pp.

Gordon, R.D., C. Canepari, G. Hanley. 2014. South American Coccinellidae (Coleoptera), Part XIV: systematic revision of Brachiacantha DeJean (Hyperaspidinae: Brachiacanthini)

Gordon, R.D., G. Hanley 2014. Systematic Revision of American Glaresidae (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidae) Insecta Mundi, Gainsville FL. 0333. Jan 10. 92pp

Gordon, R.D., C. Canepari, G. Hanley. 2013. South American Coccinellidae (Coleoptera), Part XII: New name for Cyra Mulsant, review of Brachiacanthini genera, and systematic revision of Cleothera Mulsant, Hinda Mulsant and Serratitibia new genus. Insecta Mundi. Feb 14. 150pp.

Gordon, R.D., C. Canepari, G. Hanley. 2013. South American Coccinellidae (Coleoptera), Part XIII: systematic revision of Dilatitibialis Duverger (Hyperaspinae: Brachiacanthini) Insecta Mundi. Gainsville FL. June 28. 92 pp

Photography and image manipulation for A.J. Kihm 2011. Rodents from the Chadronian (latest Eocene) Medicine Pole Hills local fauna, North Dakota. Part 1. Eutypomyidae, Cylindrodontidae and Pipestoneomys. Paludicola 8(2): 75-90.

Hessler, L., E. Beckendorf, G. Hanley, Et al. 2010. Ladybugs of Maine. Maine Agricultural and Forest Experiment Station Poster Publication #3174.

Fauske, G., G.A. Hanley, P. Beauzay. 2009. New records of xylophagous Coleoptera (Cerambycidae, Buprestidae, and Curculionidae) from North Dakota. Submitted to the Coleopterist Bulletin.

Hanley, Guy A, D.Cuthrell, 2008. Carrion beetles of North Dakota, an atlas and identification Guide, Science Monograph #4, Minot State University.

Hanley, Guy A. 2007. Silphidae collected during a drift fence herpetological study in north central North Dakota, including new occurrences of Thanatophilus sagax, Prairie Naturalist, 39(2), p.97-98.

Photography and image manipulation for K. Schumaker and A. J. Kihm, 2006, Multituberculates from the Medicine Pole Hills local fauna (Chadronian) of Bowman County, North Dakota. Paludicola, Rochester Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Hanley, Guy A, 2005. Cerambycidae of North Dakota, an atlas and identification Guide, Cyril Moore Science Center Science Monograph #3, Minot State University.

Photography and image manipulation for Mikhail M. Bobylev, 2004. Extraction of caffeine from tea: Optimization of the old classic procedure as a research project for undergraduate chemistry lab.

Hanley, Guy A, 2004. Portable Aluminum screen table for use in remote paleontological and archaeological excavation sites. Preparators Symposium, Society of Vertebrate Paleontology 64th Annual Meeting, November 2004, Denver, CO.

Research and habitus imaging for Royer, R. A. 2003. Butterflies of North Dakota: an atlas and guide (2nd Edition). MSU Science Monograph #2.

Field research for Royer, R. A. 2001. Abiotic habitat parmeters relating to management and conservation of the Dakota Skipper [Hesperia dacotae (Skinner, 1911), Lepidoptera, Hesperiidae]. Unpublished report to USGS Biological Resources Division Species at Risk Program, Washington, DC.

Field research for Royer, R. A. 2000. A manager's guide to the butterflies of Roosevelt National Park and the Little Missouri Badlands, North Dakota. USGS Biological Resources Division: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.

Hanley, Guy A. and Royer, Ronald A. 1998, Butterfly inventory of selected plots within the Little Missouri National Grassland, Minot State University.

Hanley, Guy A, and Ladendorf, B. Peter, 1995, Ecological implications of fossil mollusca from the Fossil Lake beds of Lake County, Oregon, North Dakota Academy of Science, 87th Annual Meeting, Bismarck, ND.

Hanley, Guy A, 1994, Late pleistocene small vertebrate assemblage collected From anthills, Fossil Lake, Oregon, North Dakota Academy of Science, 86th Annual Meeting, Fargo, ND.