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Art Program

Ryan Stander

Office: 226W Hartnett Hall

Phone Number: 701-858-3297

Bio: Originally from northwest Iowa, I am a fairly recent transplant to the plains of North Dakota. My wife and I moved to Grand Forks so I could pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in Mixed Media, which I completed last May.  I also have a MA in Theology from Sioux Falls Seminary and a BA in Art from Northwestern College (IA).  For academic year 2012-13, I am serving as Visiting Instructor of Photography at Minot State University in Minot, ND. 

My interdisciplinary interests attempt to bring theology and the arts into a dynamic conversation. In particular, I enjoy exploring how the sacramental imagination, as formed through our liturgical participation, engages culture, place/space, and the visual arts.

My artistic media, and preferred processes, are as varied as my interests.   My work ranges from Cyanotypes to Lithography which allows me to engage projects with a wide array of possibilities at my fingertips.


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Ryan Stander