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STEM Graduate Programs

Learning STEMs from Experience

Learning STEMs from Experience is an exciting professional development opportunity for K-12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) teachers across North Dakota. Tuition and fees, room (if staying on campus), mileage, and books/materials are paid for by a Mathematics and Science Partnership (MSP) grant. The only cost to participating North Dakota teachers is a one-time $35 registration fee.

Over the two-year period of the grant, the project will include 35 graduate courses for K-12 STEM teachers at MSU, including 19 mathematics courses, 10 science courses and 6 STEM courses. Courses will be taught through various venues: two-week or five-week summer sessions, online 16-week sessions, as well as follow-up activities.

Summer 2015 Math and Science Courses

For more information, visit the MAT: Mathematics and MAT: Science pages.

Math contact: Laurie Geller 701.858.3282
Science contact: Bob Crackel 701.858.3852