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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Math Clinic Tutors

Math Clinic

The Math Clinic provides free assistance for students enrolled in Math 102, 103, 104, and 240 only.
Students in other courses must see their instructor for assistance.

Math Clinic Schedule
All sessions will be held in room 212 Model Hall unless otherwise indicated. Drop by during one of the scheduled times - our math clinic assistants will be happy to help you!
Math Clinic will not be held on days the University is closed.

Math Clinic Assistants: If you are ill and canít work a shift please contact a replacement assistant. If unable to find a replacement please let Kelly know (858-3160). If absence is known prior to workday and replacement person isnít available, please write date and time you arenít able to assist on the board in room 212 so students are aware no assistance is available for that time frame.

Math Clinic tutors, pictured from left to right: Justin Ziegler, Carson Moen, MacKenzie Fisher, Stephanie Deutsch