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Office of International Programs

SIAS International University in Henan Province, China

MSU students can study in China through SIAS International University’s Chinese Studies Certificate Programs. The Chinese Studies Certificate Programs provide first-class educational experiences for students who seek to expand their knowledge of ancient and contemporary Chinese scholarship in the fields of: language, humanities, arts, and traditional medicine. One semester and full academic-year programs allow students to choose a specialization from three available program tracks or, alternatively, they can create their own program. Field trips throughout China are also a core part of the programs so that upon completion a student will have experienced "every day" China, in addition to gaining academic knowledge of Chinese society and culture. Courses are taught in English, so prior Chinese language study is not required.

For more information about SIAS international university, visit their English language website at:

Why Study in China?
China is the world’s fastest growing economy, America’s third-largest trading partner, and a vital partner in Pacific Rim politics. For the adventure of a lifetime, spend a semester in this oldest and newest of countries. China affords study abroad students the opportunity to collaborate to form international business partnerships. China also has a lot to offer those who aren’t interested in the trade of goods and services, but rather in the trade of information and knowledge.

As a study abroad student in China, you have the opportunity to admire Chinese traditions in painting, participate in tai chi aerobics, and appreciate the natural beauty of the Yangtze River, rural countryside, and bamboo forests of the panda. Such traditional arts and natural wonders will be of particular interest to study abroad students in the fields of art history, medicine, ecology, zoology, agricultural economics, and botany.

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