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Office of International Programs
John Towle

John, England
Spring 2012

John spent his final semester as an MSU student at the University of Chester in England, completing his degree in International Business, Management and Marketing.

“Studying abroad takes you out of your element; you have to figure out who you are,” said Towle. He travelled solo to Chester, but quickly met many other students from around the world. “The experience really opens your eyes to the variety of culture in the world.” One opportunity Towle took advantage of was joining the Chester men's basketball squad. He was not a member of the MSU team, but he joined the Chester team after taking part in a few of their practices. Being a member of the basketball team allowed him to meet a great group of English “mates” and travel to other universities for competition.

In addition to his academic coursework, Towle spent five weeks interning for a not-for-profit community interest company and social enterprise called Chester the Giant City. The company’s main project for 2012 was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration, which celebrated the Queen Elizabeth II’s 60 year reign. John assisted with the  production of sixty twelve foot giant queen replica floats, and he was also responsible for recruiting  groups of community volunteers to construct the floats. The volunteers came from local elementary schools, university student groups and special needs groups. The experience was both educational, as well as fun. John was happy to have the opportunity to apply the skills from his triple major to a real life situation, gaining experience and meeting people in his host city along the way.