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Office of International Programs

Student Stories

» Spring 2015 Study Abroad Newsletter [pdf]
Fall 2014 Study Abroad Newsletter [pdf]
Spring 2014 Study Abroad Newsletter [pdf]
» Fall 2013 Study Abroad Newsletter [pdf]
Spring 2013 Study Abroad Newsletter [pdf]

Learn about past MSU students' experiences while preparing for, living, and returning from their study abroad programs.

Molly, Harstad, Norway, Spring 2013
Jacob, Costa Rica, Spring 2013
Abbie, Telemark, Norway, Spring 2013
Lance, Semester at Sea, Spring 2013
Danielle, Ireland, Fall 2012
Jennifer, Peru, Summer 2012
John, England, Spring 2012
Brenden, Harstad, Norway, Spring 2012
Jordan, Telemark, Norway, Spring 2012
Shanda, Brigitte, Mariah & Kari, Sweden, Spring 2012
Kelsey and Rachel, Spain, Summer 2011
Jennings, New Zealand, Summer 2011
Kayla, United Kingdom, Spring 2011
Piper, Switzerland, Spring 2011
Jackson, United Kindgom, Academic Year 2010-2011

last updated Feb. 24, 2015