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Office of International Programs

Frequently Asked Health Insurance Questions

Where should I go to seek treatment when I need to?
If the student health center on campus is visited first for each injury or sickness, the $100 deductible is waived. You may seek treatment anywhere. If the Student Health Center is not visited first; you will have to pay the first $100 of the bill.

What is the deductible?
A deductible is the portion of the bill that you must pay before the insurance will begin to pay. The deductible on this plan is $100.00.

Where am I covered?
You are covered anywhere in the world except your home country.

Where do I get my insurance card?
You insurance card is given to the Office of International Programs once your name is submitted to the insurance company - this happens after your complete university bill is paid.

How do I use my card?
Show your card to the facility when you seek treatment and they will submit a claim for you.

Do I need to submit claims for myself?
You will need to submit some claims yourself, such as claims for prescription drugs you receive after visiting a clinic or hospital. Most hospitals will submit the claim for you when you show your insurance card, or tell them your insurance information. The Student Health Center will submit all claims for you, including prescriptions.

How do I submit claims myself?
Mail a copy of the bill and a claim form that can be obtained from Vaaler Insurance or the Office of International Programs - to: Student Assurance Services Inc. PO Box 196, Stillwater, MN 55082-0196

How can I check on a claim?
Contact Vaaler Insurance at 701-775-3131. Have your bill amount or your service date available or your Explanation of Benefits.

How long does it take before I will get payment back, or what is the claims process?
It usually takes an average of a month for claims to be processed and a check to be mailed out. It can take longer if medical records are needed to process the claims, then it will be closer to three months. You will receive an Explanation of Benefits (also called EOB) when processing is complete. This will tell you what the company has sent payment for in regards to the bill.

How long can I receive services for one illness?
The policy has a maximum duration for benefit of 104 weeks from the date of injury or sickness. This means that all services must be rendered within that time frame to be covered.

Will I have to pay any part of my bill?
When your covered injury or sickness requires treatment by a physician, the policy will pay benefits while your coverage is in force for 90% of the Usual and Customary (U&C) charges incurred for covered services subject to benefit limits and up to a Maximum Benefit of $50,000 each injury or sickness. Eligible expenses are subject to a $100 deductible per person for each injury or sickness. Covered services provided at the Student Health Center will paid at 100 % of the U & C. The deductible is waived if treatment is first received at the Student Health Center.

Will everything be covered?
No, there are things that are not covered. Please read the list of exclusions on the brochure. These are things that this health plan will not cover.

Are physicals covered?
No, routine exams such as physicals are not covered. There must be some sort of sickness or illness or accident for you to have coverage under this insurance plan.

Does this plan cover dental or eye exams?
No, this plan does not have any coverage for routine dental or vision.

Can dependents sign up?
Yes, dependents can sign up for a fee. Please contact Vaaler Insurance at 800-732-4336 for more information.