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Office of International Programs

Addition Information for Canadians

Get a passport!
Beginning in 2009, you need a passport to cross the U.S.-Canada border.

Speak to your insurance providers.
Make sure everything is in order with your insurance providers to continue coverage while you are a student in the U.S. Download the required forms for each provider and send them to the office of International Programs for verification of enrollment, if necessary.

Fill out a Canada Student Loan application. Minot State University is an eligible school for the receipt of Canada Student Loans. Student loan applications are available online starting in June of each year. Start the proves early as loans are usually processed at a date later than tuition and fees are due:

Register for classes. Upon completion of CONNECT—Minot state University’s campus-wide orientation/registration days, you will be allowed to choose your classes. For more information about CONNECT, contact MSU Enrollment Services at 1-701-858-3355.