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North Dakota IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE)

Research in the Discovery and development of new anti-fungal drugs.

Primary Investigator: Dr. Mikhail Bobylev

Research Summary:
Dr. Mikhail Bobylev , Assistant Professor of Chemistry, is working on the discovery and development of novel formamide anti-fungal agents. The incidence of opportunistic fungal infections has been increasing worldwide, and these infections represent a significant threat to the patients with compromised immune systems brought on by chemotherapy treatment of cancer, organ transplants, surgery, and HIV/AIDS. A second growing concern is the incidence of drug resistance of fungal pathogens to the currently known classes of anti-fungal agents used in the clinic. These two factors accentuate the urgency to develop safer and more effective therapeutic agents, and to discover new chemical entities to fight current and drug resistant fungal infections.