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North Dakota IDeA Networks for Biomedical Research Excellence (INBRE)


The goal of North Dakota INBRE is to build biomedical research capacity by serving research universities, baccalaureate institutions, and tribal colleges within the state. The specific aims are to:

The centerpiece of this plan is the development research programs at PUIs, built around the thematic focus of "Health and the Environment". This broad theme is subdivided into three sub-themes:

Nine individual investigators, located atfive PUIs, will be mentored by established biomedical scientists from the University of North Dakota and North Dakota State University. Proteomics and biology core facilities at the research universities will provide specialized services and training for PUI students and investigators. A bioinformatics core will provide computational facilities and work to increase state-wide access to electronic resources for biomedical research. Recruitment of students will be primarily through their involvement in the research projects of INBRE investigators on their home campuses.

The scientific network will also offer research opportunities to students from neighboring tribal colleges. An Outreach Core is designed to empower tribal colleges to strengthen their introductory science curricula so as to increase the level of preparation of tribal college students for transitioning to four-year science programs.

Current INBRE Research at Minot State University: