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Homeland Security Professional Online Course of Study with C&H Global Security

Course Descriptions

I. Introduction to Terrorism (3 CEU)
An introductory look at the roots and evolution of terrorism as it affects homeland security today. Emphasis areas include: asymmetric threats in today’s world; history of modern terrorism; exploratory of major terrorist organizations; role of the media; terrorism tactics; and, counterterrorism polices and strategies.

II. Homeland Security and Incident Response (3 CEU)
An overview of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security focusing on: the National Strategy for Homeland Security; contemporary and historical lessons learned; interaction of private/public sectors, military, and State governments as it relates to Homeland Security; communications, intelligence and information sharing; homeland security technology; and, civil liberties and security. As part of this course the individual FEMA certification IS-00860 - National Infrastructure Protection Plan will be obtained.

III. Critical Infrastructure Protection (3 CEU)
This course examines the intricacies involved in the protection of key resources and critical infrastructure affected by terrorist or natural disasters. Focal areas include impacts to: transportation systems, communication systems, emergency services, and government/business operations. As part of this course, the individual FEMA certification, IS-00821 - Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources will be obtained.

IV. Risk Assessment and Management (3 CEU)
Overview of key risk methodologies and focus on: development of risk prevention strategies; vulnerability assessment tools; interpretation and creation of Threat Assessments; and facility security plans.

V. Preparedness and Resilience (3.5 CEU)
The focus of this course is on key training and career paths for Homeland Security Professionals. Introduction to exercising and evaluation tools including: overview of HSEEP, exercise design, development of exercise evaluation guides, homeland security training program design. As part of this course the individual FEMA certifications, IS-00100 and IS-00200 - Incident Command System and IS-00700 - National Incident Management System will be obtained.

Introduction to Terrorism and Homeland Security and Incident Response are foundational courses and should be completed first.