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Homeland Security Professional Online Course of Study with C&H Global Security

The Homeland Security Professional curriculum is comprised of five courses, two of which are foundational courses in terrorism and homeland security. The remaining three courses provide specific skill sets in areas of critical infrastructure, risk management, and professional development.

Introduction to Terrorism and Homeland Security and Incident Response are foundational courses. It is strongly recommended that participants complete these two courses before enrolling in Critical Infrastructure Protection, Risk Assessment and Management and Preparedness and Resilience.

Continuing education units will be awarded upon successful completion of each course. For more detailed information, see course descriptions.

For more information about the Homeland Security Professional Online Course of Study contact:

There are two levels of certifications.

Level 1: Individual FEMA/DHS certifications for mini-courses that have been incorporated in the curriculum. The individual certificates are universally recognized by both government and industry.
Level 2: A Homeland Security Professional Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded by C&H Global Security to participants who complete the five-course core curriculum and who pass a cumulative written examination administered and scored by C&H Global Security. The examination and scoring criteria are established by C&H Global Security's Advisory Board, which includes nationally recognized experts in the field of Homeland Security.

Classes begin on March 18 and end on May 13. Classes with fewer than four students enrolled may be canceled.

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Minot State University is not a member of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET.) The continuing education units associated with the Homeland Security Professional Courses are not applicable toward an academic degree nor are they currently recognized by Homeland Security agencies.