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Office of Human Resources

MSU Policies/Procedures for Managing Human Resources and Risk Management Issues

This manual is not intended to and does not constitute a contract between the Minot State University and its employees. None of the provisions contained herein are interpreted as contractually binding upon Minot State University. This manual provides a written account of how certain activities are performed and is designed to guide and assist staff in performing their functions. When appropriate, there may be deviations from these written procedures due to changes in personnel, policies, interpretation, law experimentation with different systems, or simply evolution of the process itself. This manual may be changed at any time. Staff are encouraged to review this manual and suggest changes in the manual to keep the manual current and to minimize differences between the manual and actual practices.

*Linked files are pdf documents.

Section 1. Supplements to State Board of Higher Education Policies/Procedures

1.1 (603.1) Harassment
      (Preventing Harassment Training Video)
1.2 (607.4) Faculty Sick Leave
1.3 (820) Spouse and Dependent Tuition Waiver
1.4 (602.3) Criminal History Background Checks
1.5 (604.3) Performance Development Reviews

Section 2. Supplements to North Dakota University System Human Resource Policies/Procedures

2.5 (8) Worker's Compensation
2.6 (12) Overtime
2.8 (15) Vacancy Procedures

Section 3. MSU Human Resource Policies/Procedures

3.1 Appointments
3.2 Payment of Wages and Salary (Leave and Overtime Record)
3.3 Work Schedules
3.4 Rounding Procedures for Work Hours and Leave
3.5 Working at Home
3.6 Staff Senate Participation
3.7 Expenses for Immigration and Related Services
3.8 Temporary/Part-Time Staff Employment Wage Policy
3.9 Wellness Clubs Policy
      (Wellness Program Enrollment Form)
3.10 Tobacco-Free Campus Policy
3.11 Cancellation, Closure or Delayed Opening Procedure

Section 4. Risk Management Policies/Procedures

4.1 Loss Control Committee (Record of Orientation/Annual Review Form)
4.2 Incident Reporting
4.4 General Safety
4.5 Snow Removal
4.6 Substance Abuse
      (see also NDUS Procedure 615, Drug-Free Workplace )
4.7 Fire
4.8 Natural Disaster
4.10 Bomb Threats
4.11 Workplace Violence
4.12 Hostile Work Environment
4.13 Computer Use Policy
      (MSU Social Networks Policy)

Section 5. Safe Operating Procedures

General Housekeeping
Office Environment
First Aid
Preventing Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
Reporting Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens
Evacuation Plans
Lifting Safety
Electrical Safety
Slips, Trips, and Falls
General Vehicle Safety
Motor Vehicle Operations
Claims Management Program