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Office of Human Resources

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Most recent SBHE Policy Manual changes:
409 Degrees Offered
803.1 Purchasing Procedures
803.2 Emergency Purchasing
804.1 Tax Exempt Bond Issues and Lease Purchase Financing
805.2 Student Activity Fees
805.3 Application, Course, Program and Other Miscellaneous Fees
805.6 Room and Board Charges
806.1 Payment or Reimbursement of Meals and Other Travel or Institutional Expenses
806.3 Moving Expenses
809.1 Reporting of Grants Received
810 Deposit of Funds; Investments
820 Tuition Waivers
830.1 Credit Policy
902.1 Construction Process-Legislative Approval; List of Funding Requests
902.3 Requests for Construction, Renovation and Remodeling; Annual Reports
902.5 Construction Process-Architectural Plan Specifications
902.6 Architect and Engineer Contracts and Fees
902.9 Construction Process - Change Orders; Changes in Project Size or Scope
902.11 Fire and Tornado Coverage
909 Real Property Leases
910 Transfer of Real Property
916 Campus Security

Most recent NDUS Humna Resource Policy Manual changes:
None to report