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Student Health

Screening Tools

Health Questions - Go Ask Alice
Go Ask Alice! is the health question and answer Internet service produced by Alice!, Columbia University's Health Promotion Program - a division of Health Services at Columbia.

Tobacco - Why Quit
WhyQuit unites three independent cessation resources - motivation enhancement, a quality education, and serious group support - to form a highly effective nicotine dependency recovery tool.

College Response Screening Programs

Screenings Offered:
  • Depression Screening
  • Bipolar Disorder Screening
  • Alcohol Screening
  • Eating Disorders Screening
  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder Screening
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Screening

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At the end of each anonymous screening you will receive an immediate result that can be printed and taken to a clinician for further evaluation. A screening test is not a substitute for a complete evaluation but it can help you learn if your symptoms are consistent with depression, bipolar disorder, an alcohol problem, an eating disorder, an anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder and how to access help.

This program is designed for individuals aged 17 and above. The online screening is completely confidential. We do not collect any unique identifying information such as names, email addresses or IP addresses. You will be asked to type in a key word which is "health."