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MSU - Healthy Communities International (HCI)


About HCI

In 2003, Healthy Communities International (HCI) was established at Minot State University. Funding from February 2003 through June 2006 included grants and contracts from the ND Department of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, American Cancer Society, local public health entities, and other sources. HCI was previously known as Tobacco Education, Research, and Policy Project.

Current Project: Tobacco Policy and Environmental Change Collaboration (2010 - ongoing)

In March 2010, the Tobacco Policy and Environmental Change Collaboration (TPECC) began after a request from the Center for Tobacco Prevention & Control Policy (Center) was received and a proposal developed and approved by all parties. The main goals of the partnership are to implement a comprehensive program and the new policy-focused state plan. Through TPECC funding, HCI conducts research, provides technical assistance and training to coalitions and communities throughout North Dakota, and other related activities.

Previous Funding and Partnerships

HCI Funding History Updated 12.19.2012