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Graduate Council Meetings
2012-13 Meetings

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Graduate Council

Mission Statement
The Graduate Council is the policy and governance body dealing with all graduate education issues according to the duties outlined in the Graduate Council Charter. As the representative governance unit of the Graduate faculty at Minot State University. The Graduate Council considers policy recommendations that govern graduate programs. It supports programs developed in accordance with the vision statement for Graduate Education.

Vision of Graduate Education at Minot State University
Minot State University is recognized as a regional leader for high quality graduate programs. MSU prepares graduates who have the knowledge and skills to make significant contributions in their chosen professions.

Composition of the Graduate Council
The Graduate Council consists of the Dean of the Graduate School, one elected graduate faculty member from each graduate program (not including separate track within programs), two graduate faculty members appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School, and three graduate students who are enrolled and in good standing. Faculty are elected by the graduate faculty from their own programs, and both they and faculty appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School serve for three year terms. Student members are elected from the Graduate Student Advisory Council and serve one-year terms. The Vice President for Academic Affairs is an ex-officio non-voting member.

2015-2016 Graduate Council Members

Department Member Term
Communication Disorders Dr. Cheryl Gilson 2014-2017
Education Dr. Daniel Conn 2015-2018
Information Systems Dr. Kristi Berg 2015-2017
Management Dr. Laee Choi 2015-2018
Mathematics Dr. Laurie Geller 2015-2018
School Psychology Dr. Darren Dobrinski 2014-2017
Science Dr. Robert Crackel 2014-2017
Special Education Dr. Holly Pedersen 2015-2018
At-Large Position Dr. Harry Hoffman 2015-2018
At-Large Position Dr. Thomas Seymour 2013-2016
Graduate Student Representative Acacia Doktorchik 1/1/2015-12/31/2015
Graduate Student Representative Kylie Klassen 03/31/2015-3/31/2016
Graduate Student Representative Tonya Rempel 03/31/2015-03/31/2016
VP of Academic Affairs Dr. Lenore M. Koczon Ex-officio
Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Lori Willoughby Chair
Graduate School Coordinator Ms. Linde L. Paige Ex-officio