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Financial Aid Office

Athletic Scholarships

Minot State University offers a variety of athletic scholarships.

Athletic scholarships are awarded through the athletic department. You are encouraged to contact the head coach of each sport for specific information.

General eligibility requirements to participate in athletics are:

Freshmen (High School Seniors) must meet two of the following criteria to participate in athletics:

  1. Attain an 18 or higher ACT composite test score or 860 or higher SAT score.
  2. Earn a 2.0 cumulative high school GPA.
  3. Be in the top 50% of your graduating class.

Returning students must meet the following:

  1. Maintain a 2.0 or great cumulative grade point average and
  2. Satisfactorily completed at least 24 credits in the previous two terms of attendance.

For questions regarding athletic scholarships, please contact the MSU Athletic Department at 800-777-0750 ext. 3041 or 858-3041.