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Those enrolled in the BSE program gain hands-on experience in their chosen field while completing the required student teaching segment of their studies.

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Social Science Education

Become a highly qualified teacher through the Social Science Education program at MSU.

North Dakota schools value the composite skill set exhibited by Social Science Education majors. Join our program to acquire these skills. We offer a variety of courses and small classes unmatched anywhere in North Dakota. Our students learn in and out of the classroom. A variety of clinical experiences ensure that you will not only have hands-on experience as a teacher but also develop professional attitudes and dispositions.

Degree and certification

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Education with a Major in Social Science
  • Certification: Graduates meet standards for certification to teach middle and high school history and social studies, including economics, geography, and political science.

Career Outlook
North Dakota is facing a shortage of highly qualified teachers. As certified grade 7-12 teachers, Social Science Education graduates can be ensured of employment in their area. Social science education majors should also realize that their skill set can be applied to jobs outside of the traditional classroom. Museums, national parks, and other institutions that engage in educational outreach employ education majors for their expertise and knowledge.

As a Social Science Education major, you’ll take general education classes; professional education classes; and core social science classes in history, as well as geography, economics, and/or political science.

Courses Required

For a complete list of courses and descriptions, please go to course catalog.

All courses subject to change. Other coursework required.

Contact Information

Dr. Dan Ringrose Chair
Division of Social Science
Minot State University
500 University Avenue W
Phone: 701-858-3037 or 1-800-777-0750 ext. 3037