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In a global economy, the ability to communicate with people in their native languages is a key to making cultural, social and economic connections.

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Foreign Language

At Minot State University we promote global comprehension through the study of language and culture and prepare our graduates to travel, study, and work abroad.


  • Spanish - Third most used language in the world
  • German - Opens doors to international careers
  • French - Spoken in France as well as Africa, Canada, Asia and the Caribbean
  • Latin - Root of Romance languages and heavily influenced English vocabulary


  • Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Foreign Language (Spanish or German)
  • Bachelor of Science in Education with Major in Foreign Language (Spanish or German)
  • Double Major in Foreign Language & Business (Spanish or German)
  • Teaching and non-teaching minors (Spanish, German, French)

Dual degrees
MSU students are encouraged to combine foreign language studies with other majors, such as international business, English, history, criminal justice, nursing, or a second foreign language.

Employment opportunities

  • Fluency in a second language is a valued skill in diplomatic corps, museum work, banking, international business, tourism, social services, international aid organizations, schools (foreign and domestic), and translation services
  • The need for interpreters in the United States is expected to grow by 42 percent through 2020
  • Demand is up for international cultural trainers who provide specialized instruction to help travelers minimize cultural misunderstandings and missteps and insure travelers' health and safety

Foreign language coursework

  • All students take required General Education courses
  • Foreign language coursework includes conversation, composition, literature, grammar, culture, capstone projects, and study abroad experiences
  • Future teachers take Professional Education courses

Course Catalog

Requirements for future teachers
Admission to the teacher education program is selective. Criteria includes:

  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 in general studies and education courses
  • Take ED 260L (Clinical I)
  • References from two former teachers and your department
  • Passing scores on pre-professional skills tests in reading, writing and math

Once accepted to the program, education majors participate in high school classroom experiences and complete a 16-week student teaching requirement.

Travel and study abroad

  • Foreign language students are encouraged to immerse themselves in foreign cultures and improve their language skills by studying abroad
  • MSU's Office of International Programs facilitates international studies through ISEP, an international network of more than 300 colleges and universities in 50 countries
  • Students may choose to study aboard for a summer, a semester or an entire year
  • Work abroad and internships also are available

Language Clubs

  • German Club - Students celebrate German holidays, sponsor a film series featuring German directors, make excursions to German-speaking communities, and gather for kaffeeklatsch
  • Spanish Club - Club members immerse themselves in the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world, from conservation to cuisine to cinema
  • French Club - Members watch French films, eat French foods, and learn about French culture through enjoyable activities

Language Resources Center
The Language Resource Center is equipped with computer and audio equipment for use by foreign language students. The center is open daily for student use.

International Film Series
MSU's International Film Series features films from around the world. Foreign language faculty members introduce the films and lead brief discussions.

Our faculty
Foreign language faculty members are dedicated educators with expertise in their respective languages and cultures. They are motivated by their profession and help students pursue their individual course of study.

Our college
The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to comprehensive, holistic and interdisciplinary education. By integrating excellent teaching with scholarly and creative activity, we prepare students with the knowledge, values and skills they need to succeed in a diverse world.

To learn more, visit our Foreign Language Program. Better yet, schedule a campus visit so we can meet face-to-face and show you around.

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Contact Information
Dr. Jean-François Mondon
Assistant Professor of German
Foreign Language Program
Division of Humanities
Phone: 701-858-3093 or 1-800-777-0750 ext. 3093