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Business education teachers prepare middle and high school students for careers in business through hands-on exercises and experience.
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Business Education

The College of Business is committed to active learning and preparing students for careers in business. Our facilities include the Slaaten Learning Center, which features a:

Student teaching
All business education students are required to complete 16 weeks of student teaching in a secondary school. As a student teacher you'll be responsible, as much as is appropriate, for the cooperating teacher's entire class load.

Working in a school setting
Teaching is both rewarding and challenging. As a business education teacher you can expect to work regular school hours. You'll also likely work some nights and weekends, preparing lesson plans, grading assignments and tests, and advising student organizations. Most business education teachers have summers off.

Business Education Coursework

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Department of Business Information Technology
Business Education at MSU is overseen by the Department of Business Information Technology. The department is dedicated to delivering students the best possible education and personal attention they need to succeed.

To learn more, visit our Business Information Technology web site. Better yet, schedule a campus visit so we can meet face-to-face and show you around.

Contact Information
Dr. Lori Willoughby
Professor and Chair of Business Information Technology
JCEMP, MSIS, and MED-B Program Director
College of Business
Phone: 701-858-3314 or 1-800-777-0750 ext. 3314