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State Board approves tuition grandfathering for non-residents

Thursday (Nov. 15) - The State Board of Higher Education approved grandfathering tuition options for current non-resident students and those enrolled by fall 2013. Minot State University’s current "Grow North Dakota" plan permits charging non-resident students in-state, resident tuition rates. According to the grandfather provision, all current out-of-state students will continue to pay the approved in-state rate up to fall 2016. Non-resident students beginning fall 2013 will be charged the in-state rate up to the fall 2017. The chart below outlines the approved grandfathering option for non-resident students.

Additional information will continue to be published on the MSU web site.

For additional questions, please contact the MSU Business Office at 701-858-3333 or 800-777-0750, ext. 3333.

Grandfathering options for all non-residents

 4 yr. Grandfathering
New and currently enrolled students in Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 * 100%
(up to fall 2016)
(fall 2016 and forward)
New students admitted and enrolled in Fall 2013 *100%
(up to fall 2017)
(fall 2017 and forward)
New students admitted and enrolled spring 2014 *125-175%125-175%
New students admitted and enrolled fall 2014 and beyond *125-175%125-175%

*continuous enrollment (excluding summer)

Tuition resident rates

 Grow ND Pathways to Student Success Plan (Spring 2013)
Contiguous state and two Canadian Provinces of MB/SK100%125%
MHEC and WICHE100%150%
Non-resident, International, and other Canadian Provinces100%175%
Minnesota100%Per agreement