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Disability Services

Service Animal Policy

Service animals are individually trained to effectively perform tasks for peoples with disabilities. Minot State University complies with federal and state disability civil rights laws and permits service animals that assist persons with physical, mental and/or sensory disabilities in all campus buildings where participants and members of the public are normally allowed, including food service areas.

The MSU Disability Service Office (DSO) will determine the appropriateness of the presence of a service animal for programs, services and activities based upon the following:

A service animal may be excluded only when one of the following conditions below exist.

Exclusions are determined on an individualized basis and based on whether or not another reasonable accommodation can be provided. If the service animal is to be excluded, the student should be given the option of participating in an activity or receiving services without the service animal on the premises. If the student decides to participate without the service animal, efforts to reasonably accommodate the student should be made. In addition, the student must be allowed to participate in the activity when the animalís behavior is under control.

Questions regarding a service animal should be directed to the DSO at (701) 858-3371 or Federal law does not require an animal to be formally trained or certified that it has been trained. A student is not required to provide an ID or any other documentation as a condition of access. Service animals are not required to wear collars, tags, vests, or other identifying equipment indicating that it is a trained service animal. In addition, a service animal user does not have to use a leash if he or she is unable, if using a leash would harm the student, or if the animal must perform a task without use of a leash.

Adapted from: Center for Student with Disabilities, University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut. Available at