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Commencement Guide

Vision 2013

The University will serve students and others so that they can grow through continued learning and make a difference in the world for others. To do that requires not only advancing knowledge but engaging and motivating others purposefully in the best of what we know for the betterment of others. Achieving this goal depends on a powerful and distinctive vision focused on service to students, place, and learning.

Minot State University will achieve national distinction as one of the premier public, regional universities in the "great" Great Plains.

The University of the future will achieve a national reputation as an institution of place and engagement that is dedicated to high-quality student learning within an inclusive community, to student growth, character, and success, to diversity and multiculturalism, to valuing and supporting faculty and staff, and to a life-long commitment to the common good.

The seven strategies that follow are primary means by which the University can reach its new goal and vision.

  1. Creating a Distinctive Mission Focused on Engagement and Place
  2. Fostering Engaged Learning and Place for the Benefit of Students
  3. Valuing Faculty and Staff Within an Engaged Community
  4. Building a Diverse and Multicultural University Climate
  5. Focusing on Student Success and Future Achievements
    Provide students with a strong and engaging academic experience for intellectual and personal growth, formation of sound character, and development of abilities and skills required for success in future careers and endeavors.
  6. Creating a Commitment to Civic Engagement, Service, and the Common Good
  7. Ensuring Future Institutional Viability, Vitality, and Growth

While Minot State University will be striving to achieve all seven strategies, each Commencement ceremony for the next seven years will focus on one specific strategy. This year, Strategy VII provides the theme for the Commencement addresses.