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Dr. Bob Crackel

(701) 858-3852 Office 332 CMSC

Chemistry 110 - Survey of Chemistry
Chemistry 115 - Introductory Chemistry
Chemistry 121 - General Chemistry I
Chemistry 122 - General Chemistry II
Chemistry 360 - Principles of Physical Chemistry
Chemistry 380 - Environmental Chemistry
Chemistry 461 - Physical Chemistry I
Chemistry 462 - Physical Chemistry II

Dr. Crackel obtained his B.S. in Chemistry from South Dakota State University in 1980. He finished his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Iowa State University in 1987. He joined the faculty at Minot State in the fall of 1986. His teaching responsibilities include a variety of undergraduate chemistry courses at the introductory and advanced level as well as graduate courses for science teachers. His research interests are in the areas of absorption spectroscopy, water quality studies, and chemical education. He has worked on projects with a number of undergraduate students and science teachers working on their Master of Arts in Science Teaching.

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