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Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL)

Starfish Early Alert

Student success is a high priority at Minot State University, and day-to-day student performance and behavior are among the most useful indicators of issues related to student success. Starfish Early Alert is an easy-to-use student retention tool that helps students and their advisors stay informed about students’ academic progress. Starfish users include students, advisors, instructors, and student support services. At Minot State University, Starfish will promote communication between instructors, students and their advisors, giving students and advisors a “heads-up” regarding attendance, academic or general concerns. Through automated email messages, students can receive “kudos” from instructors for their outstanding classroom performance. As well, students and advisors can receive “flag” notifications in areas of concern. Once a flag is received, the message remains active in the system until it is removed by the advisor or support person who addresses the concern with the student, thereby closing the loop, indicating the student has been contacted about the issue. All flags are resolved at the end of the semester.