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Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL)



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Application Deadlines:
Winter - January 1
Spring - April 1
Summer - July 1
Fall - October 1

Mini-Grants for Engagement

Each year, faculty and staff from a wide range of disciplines are able to apply for funding through Minot State University’s Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL) Mini-Grants program. Each grant application is reviewed by members of the CETL’s Mini-Grants Committee. Committee members use a scoring rubric to rank the applications and use these rankings in making final funding decisions.

To assist applicants in the development of proposals for these mini-grants, the CETL Mission Statement and program goals are outlined below:

The mission of the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning at Minot State University is to provide opportunities and support for students, faculty, and staff, through engaged teaching and learning, to enhance the higher education experience and increase student success.

In support of this mission, CETL does the following:
1.   Provides first-year experience learning communities that connect students to their peers and faculty members, engage students with the campus and larger community, enhance students’ sense of belonging at MSU, communicate and facilitate student understanding of the academic expectations of the university, and enhance student competency in skills and capacities that are essential for success in higher education.

2.  Collaborates with faculty to provide professional development to the campus community regarding active learning and engagement opportunities.

3.   Facilitates the development of engagement opportunities – including active in class learning, volunteer commitments, civic engagement opportunities, service learning projects, and internships — for all levels of students in all areas of study.

4.   Provides peer mentoring for first-year students, with an emphasis on supporting the transition into higher education.

5.   Provides tutoring services for students, in all levels and areas of study.

6.   Collaborates with Student Affairs staff to provide information and education regarding student support services offered at Minot State University.




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