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What is Drop-in Tutoring?
Tutors for select courses are available during scheduled drop-in hours. No appointment is necessary; it is first-come, first-serve. Hours will vary each semester. There is no limit to how many times a student may meet with a drop-in tutor during the subject’s availability. There is no additional fee for tutoring services.

For what courses is drop-in tutoring offered?
Drop-in tutoring is subject to tutor availability; however, the following courses will likely be offered:

Introduction to Accounting I (ACCT. 200)

Introduction to Accounting II (ACCT 201)

Introduction to Biology (BIOL 111)  
Introduction to Cellular Biology (BIOL 150)          
Anatomy & Physiology II (BIOL 221)

General Microbiology (BIOL 142)
Anatomy & Physiology I (BIOL 220)

Communication Disorders:
Introduction to Phonetics (CD 320)
Introduction to Audiology (CD 342)
Anatomy and Physiology for Comm. Disorders (CD 413)

Speech and Hearing Sciences (CD 341)
Neurology for Comm. Disorders (CD 412)

Survey of Chemistry (CHEM 110)
General Chemistry I (CHEM 121)
Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 341)

Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 115)
General Chemistry II (CHEM 122)
Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 342)

Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 201)

Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 202)

Intermediate Algebra (MATH 102)
Pre-calculus (MATH 107)
Calculus II (MATH 166)

College Algebra (MATH 103)
Calculus I (MATH 165)
Applied Statistics (MATH 240)

Introduction to Physics I (PHYS 203)

Introduction to Physics II (PHYS 204)

Introduction to Psychology (PSY 111)

Introduction to Statistics (PSY 241)

Who will be my tutor?
Your tutor will be a MSU student who has a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better and has received a grade of "B" or better in the course for which they tutor. Tutors also receive recommendations from MSU faculty members, and go through a hiring and training process.

Where is the Tutoring Center?
The Tutoring Center is located in Old Main 103.

Why is Drop-in Tutoring useful?
Drop-In Tutoring allows students the flexibility to come in at their convenience during posted hours instead of keeping set appointments with a tutor.

When is Drop-in Tutoring offered?
Peer tutors are available Monday through Friday during designated hours, beginning the second week of classes.  Students are encouraged to check the website or come by the Tutoring Center to pick up a Drop-In Tutoring Schedule which lists specific times and subjects  (Check the Drop-In Tutoring Schedule regularly because times and subjects offered may change during the course of a semester.)

Do I need to sign in when I come to the Tutoring Center?
When you enter the Tutoring Center you will be required to sign in using our online tracking system. When you have finished the tutoring session, you will need to sign out and complete the tutoring evaluation.

What should I bring to the Tutoring Center?
To make the best use of your time, you should bring any relevant materials for the assignment(s) you are working on. This includes materials such as, your textbook and lab manual, lecture notes, old tests, calculator, periodic table chart, paper and a writing utensil. All students should have in mind any specific questions they wish to ask of the tutors.

What if I need assistance with a course that is not currently offered through drop-in tutoring?
Students desiring tutoring for a course not listed in the tutoring or Supplemental Instruction schedules for fall or spring semesters may make a request to the Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning. When at least three (3) students in a particular course request a tutor, CETL will make every effort to find a tutor for drop-in tutoring for the requested course. Students requesting a tutor commit to attending tutoring at least once each week. When the tutor is selected, hired, and trained, students enrolled in the course will be notified of the tutoring schedule.

Can I access drop-in tutoring if I am taking courses online?
Minot State University students who are living outside of the Minot community and who are taking online courses through MSU should access the SMARThinking program when in need of tutoring assistance. However, if students are able to come to campus, they may access drop-in tutoring.

Students from other universities who are taking online courses through MSU should also access SMARThinking services for tutoring. If the subject is not available with SMARThinking, no other tutoring services will be offered.

Other Tutoring Policies and Procedures:
Students must regularly attend class for the course in which they are receiving tutoring.
Tutees should always arrive prepared for tutoring sessions; i.e., read class material, attempt to do homework
   assignment, and prepare questions.
Tutees who display discourteous or abusive behavior to their tutors will forfeit their right to receive tutoring for the
   remainder of the semester.
Tutoring will not be offered during University breaks or the week of finals
Winter weather policy: If classes are cancelled due to weather, the Tutoring Center will also be closed.
Drop-in Tutoring availability is limited during summer sessions.

Understanding these Policies and Procedures:
Students who violate any of these aforementioned policies and procedures may be denied the
privilege of receiving tutoring at any point.
Tutoring policies and procedures are subject to change without notice.

For more information, contact:
Tammy Wolf, Tutoring Coordinator
Old Main 101; 701-858-3360

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