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Online Tutorials, Reviews, Answers, and Practice Tests:
Math Resources
Ask Dr. Math – Hosted by Swarthmore College. Students can submit questions to Dr. Math by filling out the Web form. Answers are sent back by e-mail.

CCP Interactive Modules - Interactive Learning Materials for Mathematics and Its Applications. Tutorials on math, biology, chemistry. economics, engineering, environmental science, and physics. Web based library of reviewed, edited and tested interactive materials

Cramster - Caster is a global online study community centered on providing understanding to math questions whether it's related to homework, exam preparation or general learning.

Dave’s Math Tables – Don’t let the title fool you. There are lots more than tables here at this very complete and interactive math support site. A message board and a real-time white board are among the many features.

Finite Mathematics and Applied Calculus Resource Page - The Hofstra professors who maintain this site are interested in the real-world applications of finite mathematics and calculus.

Online Calculators:
Calculators Online - The computational tools available at this site are divided into a variety of categories such as science, engineering and mathematics; there's an alphabetical list for smaller categories such as insurance or medical and health science

Scientific Calculator – Online version

Guide to Citing Sources
This page provides links to style sheets for proper citation usage.
Use the citation style recommended by your professor. If no style is recommended choose one style and stick to it. Consistency is key, so don't mix styles in a bibliography.
Choose a citation style:
Columbia Guide to Online Style
IEEE Society Style & Chicago Manual of Style

Learning and Study Strategies
Time Management:
Time Management (University of Waterloo)
Top ten time management tips (

Stress Management:
Short descriptive readings on stress management (
Symptoms of stress (University at Buffalo, State University of New York)

The Fight Against Procrastination:
Beating Procrastination (
Overcoming Procrastination (University at Buffalo, State University of New York)
Procrastination - Problem or Plus? (Kansas State University)
The Fight Against Procrastination (Oregon State University)

Memory Improvement:
An assortment of memory techniques (
Learning and Remembering (University of Waterloo)
Short, descriptive memory principles (Middle Tennessee State University)

Seven Strategies (Virginia Tech)
Survival Strategies for Taking Tests (Middle Tennessee State University)
Test Anxiety (Louisiana State University)
Tips on Test Taking (North Carolina State University)

Helpful Links:
How To Study (
Reading Strategies (Idaho State University)
Study Skills Self Help Information (Virginia Tech)
Test TakingStrategies (University of Minnesota, Deluth)
Test Taking Strategies (Southwestern University)
Tips for Studying Chemistry (Towson University)
University of Waterloo, Study Skills Package
Study Guides and Strategies


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