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Center for Engaged Teaching and Learning (CETL)

Campus Compact - Capacity Building
Member Information

Capacity Building Members will work with the Campus Compact Coordinator to complete an orientation, enroll in the program, complete required paperwork, exit the program, and use the education award. It is important for Members to review the Member Handbook, understand site placement criteria, know the steps to enroll in the program, and clearly understand the difference between direct service and member development hours.  The following links will assist Members with answering questions in these areas.

Member Handbook
Site Placement Criteria
Enrolling in the Program
Direct Service versus Member Development Hours

Once enrolled in the program, Members are required to complete a series of items throughout their term of service. 
The Pre-Service Reflection is to be completed once at the start of the term of service.  A Site Supervisor Agreement and Service Plan for Success are to be completed and submitted to the Campus Compact Coordinator prior to logging hours.  Time logs are to be submitted on a monthly basis and are due by the 15th of the following month.  Members are encouraged to complete forms online when possible, as they can be saved to the Member’s computer for later reference.  The following links provide more detailed information regarding the necessary paperwork.

Pre-Service Reflection
13 - 14 Site Supervisor Agreement
13 - 14 Service Plan for Success
13 - 14 Time Logs (Aug. 2013 - Dec. 2014)

After a member completes their term of service, they can exit the program and use the education award when desired.  Members can complete up to four terms of service, so they can re-enroll immediately upon exiting.  Please see information below on exiting and using the education award.

Exiting the Program
Using the Education Award

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