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We offer two types of workshops: brief "Quick Tips" presentations covering the basics and expanded "seminars" providing more in-depth information and review.


On-Line Student Success Workshops
by StudentLingo/Innovative Educators

NEW! Boost your chances of Succeeding in College with StudentLingo. 12 online student success workshops available to you 24/7. These videos will teach you strategies to help you succeed in college.

Below is a list of workshops available. Click the above link, "On-Line Student Success Workshops", to view the workshops online*.

Academic & Career Exploration
  • Maximizing Your College Experience
  • What It Takes To Be A Successful Student

Reading & Writing Strategies
  • Pre-Writing Techniques: Planning & Idea Development

Learning To Learn
  • Discover Your Learning Style
  • Study Tips & Note-Taking Strategies
  • How To Reduce Test Anxiety
  • Learning Strategies Every Student Should Know
  • 10 Habits Of Mind For College Success

Personal Management
  • Time Management: Strategies For Success
  • Overcoming Procrastination: Causes & Cures
  • How To Achieve Well-Being, Balance & Success

Success Strategies
  • Success Strategies For First Generation Students


*StudentLingo video workshops are best viewed with Flash Player in your desktop or laptop computer internet browser, the free Articulate Mobile Player for iPad, and mobile browsers that support Flash playback. Flash Player is available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers.

· Windows, Mac, and Linux laptop and desktop computers
Flash Player 10 or later (get Adobe Flash Player), and one of the following browsers:

· Apple iPad
Articulate Mobile Player and Apple iOS 5.0 +

Mobile Devices
There are Android and iOS mobile browsers that support Flash playback. Do an internet search to determine your options.