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Center for Extended Learning

Power of 100 Project: Veteran Headstone Cleaning Project, Rosehill Cemetery, Section 12, Minot, North Dakota


100 Veteran Headstone Cleaned

(l-r) Eunice Timbrook (project manager), Heidi Benavides (MSU Nursing), Kris Warmoth (CEL Dean), Merri Jo Connole (MSU Financial Aid), Nicola Roed (MSU Nursing Chair), front knelling Mark Timbrook (Project Trainer).

In honor of the institution's centennial, the Center for Extended Learning, under the direction of Dr. Kris Warmoth, is cleaning 100 plus veteran headstones in section 12 of Rosehill Cemetery, Minot, North Dakota. Volunteers from Minot State University, Minot Air Force Base, and the local community gather at specified dates and times and clean five to ten markers per event with the goal of completing a minimum of 100 markers before fall temperatures prevent additional cleanings. Section 12 actually contains 170 markers, many of which require cleaning. The cleaning process is conducted in accordance with procedures outlined by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT), an arm of the National Park Service. Volunteers should be familiar with the training materials provided below. We want to thank the City of Minot and the Superintendent, Rosehill Cemetery, Bonnie Ripplinger for this opportunity.

Table: The Center for Extended Learning wants to thank the following volunteers

Pam Hopkins, Eunice Timbrook, Evelyn Klimpel, and Kris Warmoth cleaning headstones.
Mark Timbrook Kris Warmoth
Eunice Timbrook Meghan Stewart
Merri Jo Connole Vicki Olson
Nicola Roed Cathy Holt
Rick Heit Evelyn Klimpel
Heidi Benavides Pamela Hopkins
Jeanne Narum Julie Keller
Cathy Holt Jessica Hudson
Melissa Bembnowski Sherie Saltveit
Jared Bemdnowski  

KXMC-TV Minot Broadcast on Project

Landscape Maintenance Training for Cemetery Managers

Resetting a Grave Marker

Lifting and Hoisting Grave Markers for Repair and Cleaning

Best practices for Cleaning Governent Issued Headstones (pdf)

Video on Basic Procedures for Cleaning a Grave Marker by Jason Church, Cemetery Conservator, NCPTT

For more information about the project, contact Mark Timbrook, 701-858-3832, Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm.