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Communication Disorders

Faculty & Staff

Mrs. Lisa Roteliuk
Title: Clinic Coordinator/Instructor
Master of Science: Minot State University
Bachelor of Science: Minot State University



Other Certification/Interest Areas:

Memorial 102

Teaches: CD 411/511 Clinical Practicum, CD 513 Assessment Practicum, CD 430 Public School Methods, and CD 524 Voice Disorders

Welcome to my bio page! I am so excited to be back at my ala mater. I remember when I graduated saying to our former chair, Dr. Williams, "You'll see me again." I held true to my words.

My work experience includes working in the public schools with preschool through eighth grade students as a speech-language pathologist for six years. I loved watching students develop their communication skills and implement their newly learned skills in the classroom, home, and community. I was actively involved in professional development for paraeducators and general or special educators within the district.

My work in the schools refined my areas of interest, which include working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders, school-age speech and language disorders and their impact on literacy, and early intervention and parent programming.

My second area of interest grew from collaborative efforts with Mrs. Holly Pedersen, Department Chair of Education of Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH). I gained an interest and am part of the Great Plains Auditory Learning Services (GPALS) clinic which provides auditory rehabilitation services for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in conjunction with the communication disorders clinic. Mrs. Pedersen and I promote collaboration between clinicians from both programs to work with clients to meet their auditory rehabilitation needs.

A third interest area is voice disorders and treatment. I worked for Dr. Nelson Roy, former MSU professor, in graduate school as his research assistant on several voice projects. I have since attended the Vanderbilt Voice Centers "Videostroboscopy with Interpretation" institute and attended several ASHA sessions to hone my skills in voice therapy and assessment. I coordinate the voice clinic and supervise assessments and treatment of voice disorders for MSU Communication Disorders Clinic.

My duties at MSU include clinic coordination for the pediatric and voice clinic, teaching, clinical supervision, and advising. I truly enjoy the variety of tasks my job entails and can truly say there is never a dull moment at work or a day that is the same as before.