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Undergraduate Catalog

International Programs
Director: Libby Claerbout

Study Abroad
Study Abroad programs and other international experiences, such as internship, work and travel abroad, offer students the opportunity to significantly enhance professional and personal competencies. Experience abroad expands one's knowledge of international affairs, provides a deeper understanding of other cultures, and offers new perspectives on subject matter that students have already been exposed to in the classroom. In addition, time spent in a foreign country can increase a student's career opportunities by providing direct, hands-on experience developing the skills necessary for success in an increasingly diverse and globally interdependent workforce.

The MSU Office of International Programs can assist students in identifying a prgram that perfectly fits their individual academic needs and personal interests. Students will find options that are affordable, marketable, and rewarding. The following education abroad options are available to MSU students:

Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs are third-party study abroad providers that have been thoroughly researched and pre-approved by the MSU International Advisory Committee. MSU affiliate prgrams have been chose specifically for the quality and credibility of their academic offereings, affordability, and the level of service provided to participants. Students can choose from a wide array of locations, program lengths, and fields of study through MSU affiliate providers. Current MSU affiliate programs are: ISA (International Studies Abroad), Semester at Sea, and GlobaLinks.

Faculty-led Study Tours
Study tours are a great way for Minot State students to experience the world. Travel is organized by an MSU professor who relates course objectives with local culture, customs, famous sites, and history. These programs also give students a chance to develop deep relationships with others in their academic field. Study tour programs vary from year to year and course credit offered will differ depending on the nature of the program and the faculty member leading the program.

Exchange Programs with Partner Institutions
Minot State has developed partnerships with institutions around the world, offering MSU students the opportunity to participate in reciprocal exchanges. Students benefit from existing institutional relationships and departmental familiarity of academic programs and course offerings when they choose to study at a partner institution. Current exchange partners include locations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and South Korea.

Credit Transfer and Financial Aid
Credit from approved study abroad programs may be applied towards a student's overall degree program at Minot State University. Students participating in an approved study abroad program, even those sponsored by another institution or organization, must register in the Study Abroad course number INT 497. Registration in INT 497 allows for the release of financial aid to cover program costs. Students are typically able to retain their normal financial aid package and are responsible for the costs of airfare and travel, housing, and other living expenses. Many of MSU study abroad programs are "exchanges" meaning MSU tuition is paid here, while you study there.

Requirements for Participation
All students considering study abroad are required to work with the Office of International Programs staff in preparation for their time abroad. Students are encouraged to explore study abroad opportunities early in their academic career. Advance planning helps assure that study abroad programs will not unnecessarily prolong the period of time needed to get a degree, and assures that students meet application deadlines. The first step to studying abroad is to visit the International Programs website at, calling 701-858-4155, or by stopping by the Office of International Programs on the 1st floor, Multicultural Center in the Student Center.

Study Abroad advising sessions with the Office of International Programs provide students with information regarding educational opportunities abroad, program selection, financial aid, and scholarships. In addition, the office offers support services such as pre-departure orientations, assistance with the visa application process, and general cultural guidance once a student is on program.

In order to be accepted into a study abroad program, students must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and must have sophomore status (24 credits),

Application materials must be submitted by the appropriate application deadline and might include some or all of the following: MSU Study Abroad Application Form, Recommendation Forms completed by the Academic Advisor and another Faculty Member, Official MSU Transcripts, Personal Statement and the Host Institution or Program Provider Application. Further information on eligibility requirements, application materials, deadlines, policies, procedures and costs of participation may be found at

Application Deadlines
Fall Semester and Academic Year Programs:    January 15
Spring Semester Programs:                    August 15
Summer Programs:                             February 1

Mandatory Health Insurance
All participants in a Minot State University sponsored study abroad program or other approved study abroad programs are required to carry the international travel and health insurance policy specified by MSU. The fee for health insurance must be paid prior to the start of the study abroad program and will be billed to the student's account.