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Undergraduate Catalog

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Radiologic Technology
Advisor: Robert Crackel

This curriculum is comparable to other pre-professional school programs (such as pre-chiropractic and pre-mortuary science). Students following this track take courses at Minot State University that better prepare them for clinical training at a radiologic technology school. Students may apply to the school of their choice. These schools are separate from the University, and admission to them is competitive. Admission to clinical training is the sole prerogative of the individual hospital-based program. Admission to Minot State University does not guarantee acceptance into clinical training.

MSU does not maintain any tuition agreements for students under this plan and they are not allowed to register for SCI 405 (Rad Tech Clinical Experience). Students on this track do not earn a degree. The University course work is taken solely to assist the student in gaining entry into a clinical school. Upon successful completion of the clinical training at a radiologic technology school, students would be eligible to take the American Registry for Radiologic Technologists (AART) Examination to become certified as a Registered Radiologic Technologist/Radiographer.

A well-prepared student can complete the course work in this advising program in two semesters at MSU.