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Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions by Alphabetical Listing

Course Descriptions A - D
Course Descriptions E - H
Course Descriptions I - L
Course Descriptions M - P
Course Descriptions R - U

Generic Course Descriptions
Course Numbering System
100-199 Primarily for first year student (freshman)
200-299 Primarily for sophomores
300-399 Primarily for juniors
400-499 Primarily for seniors
500-599 Primarily for graduate students

Prerequisites and Corequisites
"Prerequisite" indicates the course, courses, or levels of competence to be satisfactorily completed before enrollment in the course described. "Corequisite" indicates a course which must be taken concurrently with the course described. Questions concerning prerequisites or corequisites should be referred to the instructor of the course.

Sequential Courses
In general, courses listed in majors and minors should be taken in the numerical order as listed.

Independent Study - General
Catalog courses throughout disciplines may be available through independent study. A student must make advance arrangements with the faculty member for an independent study course(s). There are additional fees for independent study course(s); contact the Center for Extended Learning (Administration Bldg) for specific information.
*No student may apply for more than a total of four independent study credits to any degree program.

Special Topics
Course numbers 299 and 499 are reserved throughout disciplines for special topics such as experimental offerings of visiting professors, experimental offerings of new courses, or one-time offerings of current topics. They are offered for variable credit. The maximum number of 299 and 499 Special Topics credits that may be applied toward any major is 12 credits at each level.