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Undergraduate Catalog

General Studies

Bachelor of General Studies

Degree Requirements
This generalist's degree program is designed for students whose educational objectives are not aligned with a more traditional degree program. It offers a flexible, individualized curricula leading to a Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree. Through individualized advising, the program helps students define their educational goals and design interdisciplinary curricula drawing on a variety of course offerings. The program is also intended to allow a student who has completed most of the requirements of a major but has been unsuccessful in some required portion of an approved program to complete a degree in a timely manner.

General Studies Program Goals

General Studies Program Outcomes

The following minimum requirements are in place:

  1. 128 credits.
  2. 40 credits of 300-400 level course work.
  3. 30 credits earned in residence.
  4. 6 60 credits from a four-year college or university
  5. 2.00 cumulative grade point average.
  6. Completion of the General Education Requirements.
  7. Completion of MSU Diversity Requirements
  8. Students electing this degree program must register his/her intent with the Student Success Center Director who will serve as their advisor.
  9. Students pursuing a BGS degree are not permitted to declare any major, minor, or concentration.
  10. Students will be required to complete a BGS Survey and Essay in the last semester of their undergraduate program.